Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Old Kitchen Sink

From Happy Housewifery

Sometimes I dream of having a built in dishwasher, ready to accept all of our dirty dishes and clean them all without me scrubbing.  I was just thinking that today as I worked on the 3rd load of dishes through the old kitchen sink.

But then, another thought entered in.

Where would I do my prayer time at?

Each day I stand at the old kitchen sink, with its chips and stains from years of use, and look out the window that overlooks our back yard.  The old double hung window faces west, and from there I can see the storms as they work their way in, or a sky clearing off as a system passes by.  I start my day at that old sink, pouring water into the coffee pot and measuring grounds to make into "instant human".  Right beside the sink I keep close at hand the stand mixer, blender, and coffee pot (and a second coffee pot, the old fashioned perk pot, on the stove top).  My world seems to revolve around those things and the sink.

Lots of time passes by standing at that old sink.  It's not unusual to find me there, washing dishes, preparing various ingredients to put into the day's meals, etc, and listening to the radio.  The time at the old sink allows me to hear bible studies, preaching, and good old hymns.

The old sink has also seen a lot of tears-- tears of anger, sorrow, joy, and the occasional cut finger.  It's weathered my frustrations with a child, anger after an animated discussion within the home, sorrows in missing loved ones or heartaches from circumstances beyond our control, and joys of prayers answered.  It's been the place of many prayers, and it seems more often than not, that's my "prayer closet".  No one bothers me while I stand at the sink, as I'll hand them the sponge and allow them to take over.  So, in wide open view, I am able to stand and pray, quietly while the noises of the home go on, and take my cares, worries, fears, praises, and worship, to the Lord.  Since I average 2 to 3 sink loads of dishes a day, I have lots of time I can spend with the Lord, mostly uninterrupted, where I can talk with Him.

Looking at it this way, that dishwasher doesn't look so appealing after all....

This is an old home, well over 100 years old, and that sink has been there a long time.  I'm sure a couple of other women before me have stood there, sharing many of the same sentiments.  We use(d) what is considered one of many chores, and put the time taken for it to have a dual purpose.  That time with the Lord may not have been there had we popped the dishes into a machine, turned it on, and walked away to find something else to do.

Maybe it's all about perspective......

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  1. Beautiful post!!! I share your perspective. :)

    1. Thank you :) I know there's got to be more of us out there!!

  2. You are inspiring me to write about why I am choosing not to have a dishwasher, but also refusing to buy a washer or dryer for now. "In all labor, there is profit" and I want to set an example of hard work for my daughters, but primarily I am so blessed to still be able to work hard, but perhaps less overall, because my perfectionist standards have decreased. I actually think I can wash dishes more efficiently than a washer! Now I'm thinking this is a lot of rambling for a comment but I really do like this post Angie! It gets me thinking!

    1. You're very sweet Cynthia!

      Now, you know how hard those washboards are right???? Or are you planning on an older wash tub with engine? Or laundrymat?? A few years ago, I did a 3 year stint using a washboard while we were really tight on funds. This was a year round hand wash/outside line dry, even during winter, complete with freeze dried jeans and near concussions when the Kansas winds blew them. I learned Isotoners do wonders when hanging them out to keep some feeling in the fingers. That washboard is still with us, it's a vintage one, and sits by the washer hubby bought for me when we moved into this house in 2013. He took a lien on the car to get the set, and it has been worth it. Laundry day by hand would be a literal all day event, trust me. Then the ironing after they dried. But I did learn the secret of soft towels and jeans on the line--get all the soap rinsed out! And letting them stay in the rain helps too, it makes them sooo soft. :)

      In the first years of our so far 10 years together, we had a portable dishwasher, and it was so cumbersome, took up a lot of space that was needed for other things, sucked up water and electricity, and still had to hand wash a lot of things. So, one day, with hubby's approval, I gave it away. It's been at least 5 or 6 years. That's the only time I've ever had a dishwasher.

      If you're interested, my adventures into the washboard is here:

      I was adventurous for a short time and tried to write...these were a few years ago. Lots have happened since then, lots of growing in maturity and faith and so on.

  3. I, too, love our kitchen sink, and even though we do have a dishwasher, it has not been turned on in years. In fact, we use our dishwasher for bowl and lid storage. It works out great! I prefer to wash every dish by hand and pray much in that spot, too...thanking the dear Lord to have a family to cook for, a precious husband who works so hard to provide for us, food to cook for them, and strength to stand and cook and wash the dishes that have been present during so many, many meals and precious memories. I wouldn't have it any other way and also wrote a post about it once called "Over My Kitchen Sink". Thanks for sharing, Angie. :)

  4. Well with 5 little ones and an unending load of dishes to wash I don't know if I want to totally forgo my dishwasher but recently it has often broken down and I have been forced to wash by hand. Even now it is repaired I find myself doing a number loads in the kitchen sink as well as 2-3 loads in the dishwasher. I was finding that I could never get my dirty pile of dishes cleared, pots and pans were taking over and often various items such as coffee cups were not getting cleaned properly. Even though it is evident that our dishwasher needs replacing which I may do next year, I think I'll keep up the routine of washing at the sink as well.

  5. That is a beautiful perspective. I was hesitant to get our dishwasher a few years back as I had been doing them by hand our whole marriage. I *am* thankful for the dishwasher though because it does the silverware (ha!) and other things...but I still get plenty of time at the sink as I wash all our wooden items, cast iron, pots, pans, and bowls by hand. :) I hope you are having a lovely week! :)

  6. OH I love this! I've been contemplating taking back the dishes chore from my kids as I want to be in my kitchen've reminded me why I loved it so much!

  7. A beautiful way to look at it! Thank you for sharing these sweet sentiments at the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth :) Nice hearing from you again Angie!


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