Lovely Places to Visit

I thought it'd be a good idea to share some of the blogs and websites that are of encouragement, inspiration, and provide great reads. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and not all are "Christian"--some craft and recipe blogs aren't, and that's ok.  I'm still adding to the list from my archives and bookmarks, so this will be growing.  :) 

Feel free to go through and check out the various blogs and sites and tell them Sunny Patch Cottage sent you!

**If you'd like to have your blog/website added, give me a holler at abellaclan5 (at)  I obviously don't know of all the blogs and sites out there, so if you would like to direct me and others, by all means share!**

*Note, these are in random order, not ranked by anything accept when I linked them*


Always Learning

Missional Women

Time Warp Wife

The Bold Turquoise

Not Consumed

Attainable Sustainable

Country Mouse Musings

Retro Mama

Heather's Blog O' Rama

Arabah Joy

Confessions of a Martha

Far Above Rubies

Hopeful Threads

The Beauty in His Grip

Seven Flowers

My Big Fat Cuban Family


Websites (non-blog)


Old Fashioned Christian Radio

A Help to Domestic Happiness

Bearing Precious Seed

Counsels to Christian Mothers

Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers

Bible Study Tools

Grace To You

Abiding Radio

Sword of the Lord

VCY America Network

Sermons from the Past

CBH Ministries--Keys for Kids

The Straightway of Grace Ministry

Noise of Thunder

HymnSite--Christian Online Music

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

Autism/Special Needs Related

Lost and Tired

News (not Mainstream)

Arutz Sheva

Asian Times

Watch For Him (a long list of "alternative" news sites)

Worldview Weekend with Brannon Howse

World Net Daily

Rapture Ready

Info Wars


Jump Start

Education *dot* com

Homeschool Math

Guilt Free Homeschooling

5th Grade Work

Home School World

Home School Foundation

A Second Generation of Homeschooling

Handwriting Worksheets

O Christian

Homeschool Circus

Practical Homeschooling

Tabors Truths

19th Century School Books

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