Sunday, April 15, 2018

Waiting on Spring

This has been a long long long long winter.  As in it hasn't ended.  It reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder's book "The Long Winter". 

During the long winter months I've been working on building my sewing stock again.  I've been working on stitching up aprnsa and nursing covers, and starting on other more feminine things soon.  I love making feminine skirts and dresses and prwtty aprons and so on. 

I've added a tag line to my overall shop both local and online areas..." Encouraging femininity and motherhood one stitch at a time". 

I've been practicing a lot with nursing covers.  They are flexible boned with D rings for an adjustable strap.  They are nice and full sized to cover mom.  I haven't got all the stack I've finished listed online yet.  It's hard to keep up both online e and's one or the other most of the time. 

If and when the weather warms up here in southern Kansas, I still need to get out and work on flowers.  I miss warm weather. 

How are you doing today?

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

New year, Different Resolution

It's hard to believe it's already 2018!  These days are passing way too fast.  It seems like it was spring yesterday.  I wish it WAS spring, but that is a whole different story.

This year I'm focusing on peace.  The passing years have been so stressful, so draining, that it feels like I merely survived rather than lived.  I've heard that happens in families like ours.  I don't want to merely survive. I want to LIVE!  I want stress reduction!

So, I've started with small things.  The ringer on my phone is now "Turkish March" and notifications are "Fyr Elise".  Roses adorn the screen.  Every notification or call brings pretty music.

At the end of December I ordered Nancy Leigh DeMoss's trilogy on brokenness.  I seldom have taken time to work through books like that, but this year is different.  I'm already in chapter 4.  Then I found her devotional boo on Kindle.  Granted she doesn't use KJV much, but I just keep my own KJV close by.  These I keep by my sewing table.  It's " my" place. The books are hitting close to home and stepping on toes.  It is an "ouch" book, but worth it.

Now, I didn't come up with that on my own.  My pastor's wife brought this to our bible study.  She's a good you can't have her!

Then, I found an app about praying for your husband.  Since this blog is more geared to women we will just stay at husband.  I believe it's by Sharon Jaynes.  Now this is not an endorsement of her or her writings, as I know nothing of her beyond the app.  It gives a reminder in the morning first thing to pray and gives a devotional to go along.

Then I'm following the bible in a year program through Vcy America.  I'm behind, but that's OK.

This year I am slowing down.  I have to.  So, there's more things that are slower and done by hand, from cooking to sewing.  Maybe I'll even get to the embroidery that I've been saving on Pinterest .   Right now I'm hand stitching a Dresden plate quilt on velvet.

I find this relaxing.  It is slow going, but relaxing.

What are you doing this year?

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday Morning

It is a chilly morning here in South East Kansas.  A cold front came through last night with storms, and we went from air conditioning to the heater. 

This week has already started out busy with appointments and calls and errands.  I think tommorow's tired is calling today!  So, it is a definite coffee morning followed by some hot matcha tea.  Whatever it takes to keep going today when the warm blankie calls!

This morning I'm reading out of Joshua 24.  The famous verse from there is still just as good today as it was when Joshua said it...."choose you this day whom ye will serve...". With the world the way it is, at times it can be very easy to slide over and go with the crowd and serve the god of this world.  There's so much available material wise that looks so good, that commercials say we can't live without.  There's only one thing those commercials don't advertise, and that's the ONLY thing we can't live without.  That's Jesus.  He's the only thing you can't buy. 

I'll be the first to admit I have to remind myself to keep choosing Jesus over the world.  When my eyes dart to the things of this world that are comfortable and rich and cozy, sure I want to go that route.  But it isn't what Jesus says to do.  The wide road is pretty comfy, with lots of rest stops and Marriott hotels and limo services.  Jesus didn't tell us to go the wide road though, but to stay by the straight and narrow.  No hotels, no rest stops, just a straight route to Him.  This verse in Joshua 24:15 snaps me back to reality on the things I create too.  Should I try to quickly produce pieces that appeal to a large audience, or make items that bring focus to Him even if it limits my audience?  The answer to me seems clear, but I tend to drift off course at times.  I find much joy in stitching things that one would associate with modesty, femininity, Scripture, and so on.  The other items that are easily produced and can be found a dime a dozen, not so much.  I want to point people to Him through my work, and I do get pulled to the direction of what would profit more at times.  The flesh still fights.

How are you doing today?  Pull up a seat and enjoy a hot cup of tea and/ or coffee with me, and let's enjoy a peaceful moment together.😀

Monday, October 2, 2017

Early Morning

It is early morning in rural Kansas.  Today is a Monday, and while the pot of coffee perks on the stove I help hubby get ready for an early clinic he is doing in Ottawa, Kansas.  I am thankful he is willing to do these early days in order to help take care of us.

I've done some Scripture reading as he prepares for a long trip to his clinic, reading through I Corinthians on how our body is a temple.  At this time of morning I believe my temple needs rebuilt.  It has cracks and creaks and it's crumbling in places.  We won't discuss the odors from the back of the temple.  It's mornings when I'm feeling older than I am that I wonder why the Holy Spirit would want to reside in this imperfect body.  There's days I don't want to reside in this broken down body.  But one day soon we will have new ones in heaven and there will be no more pain and swelling, arthritis, nerve damage, etc.  I'm looking forward to that day!

Today is a typical day here.  Kids go off to school, then there's laundry to work on, dishes to do, errands to run, bathroom to clean, meals to cook, and settle down this evening with my needle to continue sewing on a tiered peasant skirt.  There will be more in between the chores of course, as things always come up. 

I have now enjoyed a pint of coffee from my Mason jar.  I don't think it's enough.😉

You all have a great day in the Lord!  I'll see you later.....

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Evidently I'm in the midst of a growth spurt.  Not physically, but spiritually and emotionally.  Hopefully not physically--the only way for me to grow that way is sideways. 

In the past few weeks, a friend has inspired me to start deep cleaning again.  Granted it's a little interesting to do while on a cane sometimes, but it has been making progress one day at a time.  The other day I did the dining room.  I tore it up, tossed contractor bags of junk, moved the big table and chairs, and rearranged everything.  It looks nothing like it did before.

The way I positioned our filing cabinet, it is close by to hold some cookbooks and bibles on top.  It is close to my side of the table (I planned it that way), as is a basket weave styled drawer set for holding medications.  I am able to stow my big study bible there, in easy reach, for early morning reading.  I'd gotten out of this practice for a long while, of grabbing my bible and having some quiet time in the morning.  Now, after doing the rearranging and deep cleaning, I can sit with a hot cup of coffee and read through Scripture in the dark morning hours before everyone is up and getting ready for school.  I've started keeping index cards close at hand, in different colors for grins, and pretty colors of ink pens, and with those I've been writing down verses that jump out at me.  Some of these I intend to embroider later for a more permanent means of seeing them, but the index cards work for now.

Starting the day with the bible has made a difference.  It has a calming effect.  Don't get me wrong, there are stresses through the day.  That comes with life in general, and with our special needs family it's a given.  I feel like I've been growing up a little, maturing spiritually as I get to dive more into my bible.  Maybe it's because I am turning 40 in the next week that I've started focusing on growing up...who knows.  I've been reading more from older women who teach on being a keeper at home, and listening to older pastors' sermons as well that tend to go that direction.  The things I've been reading, they are not politically correct, but are biblically correct.

It's been a little uncomfortable with the growing.  I've had to have a little chiseled off from the rough spots.  Some attitude has needed work.  Did you know that chisel hurts? 

This is something I think we should be doing more often...growing a little more, smoothing the rough edges, and letting God do the work He needs to do in us.  I know I sure need to do this more often.  Will it make the world a better place?? I have no idea.  But it will make how you handle the world different than how you did before.

How have you been growing in your walk with the Lord?

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Back To Writing

I have missed writing!!  It's been a long while, and I've thought of so many things to write about but didn't get time to put thoughts to blog. 

I have taken off some of the weight.  The scale says I'm at 382, and my size is now a non stretchy 16w top and 18w bottom.  I'm very close to normal sizes and evidently gaining muscle with more activity. 

I have stayed with the Contract to help with the weight loss.  The first month was rough.  There were side effects and wow were they strong.  But, those have subsided and things are going well.  I can focus on things instead of feeling scattered.  I don't have the feeling of wanting to eat all the time whether hungry or not.  It has become a tool to help but isn't a cure all.  I still must control what goes in the mouth. 

With the weight going down I have been more active despite pain.  The knees still hurt, and some days are still on the cane, but I still do more.  I do cleaning of a building other than my home, and spend a lot of time on my feet in general.  I get a lot more work done than I used to. 

We now have a 16 year old in the house.  The oldest child turned 16 last Sunday.  I feel old.  Granted he is my step son, I still feel old.  The next one is 15 and then 13.  They have grown to where we are letting them share a pay as you go phone for emergencies and texting.  It seems like yesterday they were little bitty.

How have you all been doing??  I've missed you all a lot!!