Thursday, January 23, 2014

Warm Thoughts on a Cold Day

It is to be much colder in the coming days, with another arctic blast coming from our lovely friends in Canada.  Since we live in Kansas, this is about all we see of Canada.  :)

During these colder days and nights, it is important to keep our thoughts warm, inviting, and our hearts the same, just as we would our bodies to deflect the potential frost bite.  We don't want our heart and mind to be bitten by the cold as well.

Put your mind upon Jesus, let thoughts of Him, His glory, His love, His salvation, permeate through your thoughts as you go about your day.  Whether you be in an office, at home, cooking, taxi driving children, whatever you do through the day, keep your thoughts upon Him.  Your heart will follow.

Keep not only your body warm as the temperatures plummet, but your mind and heart!

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