Monday, January 20, 2014

Miracle Grow for Your Life

Now, don't get upset, this isn't a prosperity gospel thing.  I promise!!

Miracle grow for your life isn't what you think.  It isn't something you can buy.  It's not something you can pick up at the local garden store.

It's something you go through.


Yes, trials.

The fastest thing you can come across that makes you grow, makes you deepen your faith, makes you trust in the Lord even a trial.

It doesn't have to be a huge one.  Of course when you're in the middle of one, they all seem huge.  Each one seems like a train tunnel with no light at the end.

We have a choice when we go through trials in life...we can wring our hands, worry, fret...or we can take our problems to the Lord and lean on Him.  He may well have a purpose for what you are going through, and the best place to take any trial is back to Him.

This past year was full of trials for myself and my family.  Some continued on for the entire year, flaring up at various different times, never quite going away, just laying discretely beneath the surface.  Others came and went with the tide.  The only place I had to take my worries, sorrows, tears, was to Jesus.

Trials are what grow you as a Christian.  They try your faith, they make you grow, lean on Him, and find that you can trust Him no matter what.

When God gives you miracle grow, don't toss it away--make the most of it and grow where you are in your walk with the Lord!

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