Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Contentment At Home


That word brings a feeling of contentment to mind for me.

My mind's eye immediately sees the spacious rooms, painted white and feeling airy and light.  It sees rich burgundy curtains against tall living room windows, pulled back with corded ties to reveal warm sunlight on a snowy winter's day.  It sees a hallway bathed in natural light from the frosted window in the front door.  Scents of lemon come to mind as the lemon oiled new stair case woods stand tall, freshly oiled and gleaming in the hall way's natural light.  Humming from the back of the house, the dryer and washer, provide a comforting backdrop.


It's quiet during the day as I toil, wiping shelving and doors, baseboards and countertops, mopping floors and vacuuming carpets, folding untold loads of laundry.  It is here that I do what I am called to do, my ministry--keeping my home.

The afternoons become lively as the children arrive home from their schools, bringing with them their chatter and liveliness.  Home work, trips to the library and appointments, and supper preparation abounds in these hours.  Then we move on to creating more laundry as showers start, play time begins, and the family finds the living room once again.

Then bedtime arrives.  Quiet time again, with a needle and thread in hand, working on a hand stitched quilt to use and hand down to the children.  Each child tucked in and prayed over, the busy-ness of the day over and put away for the night, this is time to reflect on the day, and prepare for the day to come.


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