Monday, January 20, 2014

Bitten by Quiltin'

I admit it, I've been bitten by a bug.


Over the years I've established a large amount of fabrics, scraps, notions, to fill industrial shelving, small bags to fit under the shelves, plus totes to line up beside the shelves.  I keep everything, including outgrown clothing and small scraps--they could make a pretty scrap piece!

As I work on a hand stitched Grandma's Flower Garden hexagon quilt made with 1" hexagons and work on a separate log cabin design on the sewing machine, I go looking at quilt ideas.

The hand pieced one means a lot to me, as it contains many pieces from my  mother's dresses.  She passed away in 2003, and I kept her clothing and saved them back to someday make a quilt for my boy.  So far 3 dresses have made their way into hexagon pieces (and 1 apron).  This hexagon quilt top so far also has pieces from my own dress and Miss Jess's shirt in the mix.  I have a reusable tote bag half filled with hexagons ready to stitch and keep it ready to go to the library with the kiddos, a doctor's office, or anywhere I have waiting time.

There are so many beautiful quilts out there, so many talented seamstresses making stunning designs!  I can spend hours looking at sewn masterpieces and dream of making my own as I learn more.

I've been sharing my "eye candy" on Pinterest lately.

I love looking at the vintage pieces, hand stitched with love.  I can picture women sitting by lamp light, by candle light, by oil lamps, a fireplace, stitching away at their labors of love for their family and friends.  I dream of replicating that just once, using the old fashioned hand stitched style for an heirloom to hand down.

Do you enjoy needle work?  If so, what do you prefer to work on?

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  1. I really want to start quilting. I think it's the perfect winter project. Your piece looks beautiful.

    1. It was something intimidating for me, to be honest--I make clothing, I am not that adept at the exact 1/4" seams, and clothing is forgiving. So I started with the English Paper Piecing with the hexagons, and and branching out from there.

      Thank you for your compliment! :)



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