Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Little Blood-letting

Blood.  That word along can send shivers down spines.  Folks collapse at the sight of a drop of it.

We even sing about blood in church--seriously!  "Saved by the blood of the crucified One", "Power in the Blood", "When I See the Blood", and so on.

What's so big about blood?


Our God demands a blood sacrifice for our sins.  He's demanded this ever since the Garden of Eden, when He Himself killed animals to cover Adam and Eve in furs.  He demanded sacrifices of rams and bulls, sheep and ox, even a turtle dove, for a covering of sin.

Blood had to be shed.

He still demands blood.

Oh, we don't go out and kill a lamb and put it on an alter.  We don't bring up a fatted calf and sacrifice it at a temple, but God still demands a blood sacrifice.

And...He even provided His own!

God provided His own blood sacrifice in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.  He didn't have to, but the killing of animals only covered sin for a while, never taking them completely off accounts.  God sent Jesus, all God and all man, down to us, to live a perfect, sinless life, to need no sacrifice, and to present Himself as a sacrifice for us.  It was the blood sacrifice God accepted...  Jesus gave His blood, His body, on the tree, a criminal's death, beaten and disfigured, bleeding and torn, as a final sacrifice for us.  He didn't have to.

But He did it.

He did it for you, for me, for every person, as that blood sacrifice that God would accept, so that your sins and mine would be covered forever, forgiven, forgotten, and wiped clean, so that we could be in fellowship with God the Father forever.  You don't have to sacrifice one drop of blood--Jesus did it for you 2000 years ago!

How do you get His blood applied to you?

Ask Him to put your sins on His account, ask Him to save you, to be your Lord and Savior from this day forward.

God loves you so much, He made a way for you to be with Him is up to you to accept His way!

Won't you put His blood on your account today?

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