Saturday, April 27, 2013

Staying Morally Straight When The World Bends

It's a rainy Saturday here in SE Kansas, and so inside we stay with the radio pointed to KVCY.  It's been informational, listening to the programs that deal with the culture around us and how it lines (or doesn't line up) with biblical standards. 

One program, Crosstalk, had a "best of" day, with a repeat of a show from the week.  Today's show had Peter LeBarber and dealt with the Boy Scouts and the homosexuality issue. 

Now, I know this may garner some nasty comments, but that's fine.  God didn't tell us to bend to the world's demands, but to stay with Him come what may.

The Boy Scouts have been the bastion of morals and values for boys for decades.  It was/is a badge of pride and honor to be a Boy Scout.  It's even in their by laws that one must stay morally straight, abide by a standard much higher than the world's.  That is under attack, with the homosexual agenda trying to force the Boy Scouts to accept boys who choose to molest other boys, who perform sex acts with other boys, and men who perform sexual acts with other men.  That throws the whole moral bylaw out the window. 

The Boy Scouts won at the Supreme Court the right to run their organization as they see fit, and are still under heavy pressure for corporate America to bend to the demands of sodomites.  They aren't the only ones who are under constant pressure.  Many states are using their legislature to pass "same sex marriage" and force it upon their citizenry. 

What are we supposed to do with the push for legalizing and accepting what the Lord calls an abomination?  What do you do when you're supposed to look the other way when sin is glorified and pushed to the spotlight and given favor?

Stick with the bible.

You won't garner new friends and fans.  You may well face persecutions.  In the end, the Bible still stands, it still tells us that sin is sin no matter how popular the sin is, and that God still reigns.  Our world around us is crumbling.  What is good has become evil and what is evil has become good.  What was once accepted as morality has become taboo, what was once taboo and pushed to the outter corners is now considered acceptable and favored. 

If you are a true bible believing follower of Christ, you see how the world around us looks.  It isn't pretty.  You see how the bible tells us the world will be when He returns for us, as in the days of Sodom.  You will see others around you, who do not believe in and on the Lord, belittle the bible, belittle Jesus, belittle you for believing. 

No matter what our government makes into law to force acceptance of sin, no matter what organization accepts into their bylaws, no matter what the world says is good, we have a standard that has not changed.  The bible, God's WORD, has not changed.  God does not change.  Stand with the Lord and on the bible no matter what is paraded in front of us to accept in the name of  "tolerance".  God knows, God sees what is going on, and God isn't worrying. 

Neither should we.

Stand firm, stand morally straight when the world bends.  Stand strong, for God is still on the throne! 

Pray for our leaders, pray for those who want to bring the things the Lord calls abominations into our laws, pray for our children who will be growing up around these such things as "normal".  Pray for His returning for us soon!

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