Friday, April 12, 2013

Standing When You Want To Drop


We as moms know that word well.  We have that weary feeling from time to time as we raise our little ones.  We get busy with life, running errands, making millions of meals, tending the home, doing all the things that moms do. 

I'm no exception.

This has been a long and trying couple of weeks.  Our family has been busy, busier than usual, and travelling more than usual.  An adversary, the one of defiance, has also reared its ugly head and tried to cause much chaos. 

But God is bigger.

My stepson, the oldest at 11 1/2, chooses to let defiance be the leader of his life.  He once made a confession of faith, but has since recanted.  He's chosen to let his emotions and flesh run his life instead of listening to the teachings we try to impart into his life daily.  So, he is learning lessons the hard way, just as the bible discusses some will. 

My middle child, 11, had surgery a week ago Thursday to correct abnormalities in his private area.  He was born a micropreemie and surgeries for hernias very very early in life, and it left some difficulties that had to be addressed.  He's not a happy camper.  He doesn't understand the soreness, the pain medication, not being able to do contact sports (and he's on a soccer team that JUST started the same week of surgery), and so on.  So he lashes out, with hitting, kicking, refusals to do what he is asked.  He will heal, and will be his normal self in time.

The youngest, 9, she enjoys quiet defiance.  Where the oldest is loud and very open about refusals, she is quiet and just walks away and ignores.  She chooses to cry, quietly whine, whimper, occasionally stomp--she lets me know she's not happy.  But, she has a heart that is open to teaching, and with a little Word, she comes around. 

With 3 children at the ages they are, our house is....eventful.  But in that eventfulness (is that a word??) it all allows God to shine through.  He HAS to do a work here, if we are to function day to day. 

Many times I've heard "I don't know how you do it", and "I don't see how you handle 3 special needs children".  It's easy.  There's not a lot of choice, as God put them here and He hasn't taken them home yet.  He has to provide the patience, wisdom, ideas to work with, resources, etc to work in our house.

  Is it easy?  Absolutely not. 

  Is it frustrating?  Very.

Raising 3 children on the autism spectrum, with other issues, such as Bi Polar, severe ADHD, MR, and so on, is tiring.  You must stand when you want to fall over from exhaustion.  You have to keep walking forward when you want to run the opposite direction. 

You have to trust God.

Whatever your situation, make sure to keep God in the middle.  He is the glue that holds you and your family together.  Without Him, all things fall apart!

As we raise young ones, we go through the trials and tribulations, daily battles, wins and losses.  After they're grown up and moved away, we'll miss having them under foot, miss the silliness, the chatter, the chaos. 

Enjoy the good times!

Keep standing!

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