Saturday, February 9, 2013

Raising Children with Autism

Those who have known our family know our chlidren have Autism Spectrum disorders.  Both boys are currently 11; one has Asperger's Syndrome and severe ADHD, one has Autism/Bi Polar Disorder/Mild MR.  Miss Jess, 9, has a diagnosis of Asperger's and severe ADHD as well. 

Just about anyone who has been in the world of autism, or special needs in general, has seen the trials that parents and caregivers  travel through daily.  Each day is an adventure to say the least.  Some days are amazing, some can't end soon enough, and some produce more gray hairs and wrinkles and take 10 years off our life expectancy. 

I haven't really written much about our adventures in autism here at THD, as there's many others out there who write about autism.  As our children grow older, I'm personally finding less and less pertaining to the child nearing puberty, who has the changing physical attributes mingling with the autism disorders and other added on diagnoses.  So, I've decided to use what we learn through our trials and experiences to hopefully be of encouragement to others.

God has given us much protection as we've walked along, as many things could have went drastically wrong and ripped our family apart.  We have had non-custodials use the Child Protective Services to try to take custody instead of using the court system.  We've had individuals call law enforcement on our children when they've displayed behaviors that go hand in hand with their offical diagnosis.  We've seen discrimination first hand, been offered all kinds of therapies and remedies from conventional to way out in outter space.  We've had some great teachers, as well as teachers we wouldn't have minded trading for what's behind door number 2.  We've come across many opportunities for learning, growth, and many chances to fail as well along the way.  God has taken care of us through all the many happenings that come by us day to day, and without Him we wouldn't be a family.

You're welcome to join in as I begin to add bits and pieces of our journey through autism and special needs.  You're always welcome to leave comments either here or on our Facebook page.  I'd love to have your in put and thoughts along the way!

Hugs ya'll!

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