Sunday, December 23, 2012

Remember, Remember

It is early morning here in Southeast Kansas, and it's only myself and the cats who stir.  I sit with my cup of Christmas coffee beside a heating vent that the oldest cat is attempting to cover up with her entire body.  Here very soon I must start my morning "routine" before heading to church.

I come here this morning to encourage you! 

Remember, Jesus loves you.  He loves you so so much, that He left His glory in heaven to come down here to earth as a babe, born in the stables on a cold night.  He left the angels singing hallaluias and all the blessed light and beauty of heaven for you.  He loves you so much He lived for 33 years on earth among us, so He could understand what you experience, so He could honestly says, "I have been there too, I understand."  He laid His life down for you, voluntarily going to the old rugged cross, voluntarily laying His hands and feet to be nailed to that old knarled wood, and voluntarily died with your sins on His shoulders.  He voluntarily took your sins while He was up on the cross, so that even His own Father had to turn away as He bore your sins (and mine).  He went to a borrowed tomb, and He didn't stay long.  He rose again!  His tomb is empty, He conquered death, and is again in Heaven. 

He's waiting for you to receive His gift, His forgiveness, as He is the only one who can forgive you of all the things you've done wrong, doing wrong, and will do wrong.  He is the only one who carried your sins, and as that spotless Lamb, put them on His account that you wouldn't have to. 

He is the reason for Christmas.  We remember Christmas as the newborn babe in the manger, with no fanfare, but only a handful of shepherds, rough and smelly from the fields.  We remember the nervous virgin Mary who delivered Him as her first born, and Joseph who became His legal and adoptive father while He was here. 

Remember, remember, dear friend...Jesus did this for you. 

Christmas is only the beginning of the adventure!

Merry Chrismas from the Abella Family!

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