Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Christmas Coffee Smile

Do you enjoy the "Christmas" flavor of the expensive coffees produced by Starbucks and others? 

You can easily make this at home, for pennies! 

Buy your favorite coffee that you'd run through the coffee pot.  I personally use either Folgers, Great Value (yes, I get cheap), or Cafe Bustello (expresso). 

When you make your pot for the morning, add in a teaspoon (or more, depending on your liking) of cinnamon.  If you want more flavor, add a dash of nutmeg and cloves with the cinnamon.  A teaspoon of vanilla powder will make the flavor nice as well, as  will any powdered flavor that you enjoy. Like gingerbread?  Put in a bit of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves with the grounds and then brew. 

If you use instant, you can easily make the same, just use smaller amounts.  A dash will do of all the various ideas when making per cup. 

My family also uses chocolate a lot in coffee.  We purchase inexpensive hot chocolate drink mix, mix it in a bowl with a 3 pound container of regular creamer, and store in smaller cans/containers for use.  For a little fun, I put in almond bark shreds to top my cup.  Sometimes a dash of the cinnamon.  Or even chocolate chips or coconut. 

Who says you have to buy the high dollar expensive coffee?  Play with the ingredients from your cabinet and you'll have a wonderful morning of heavenly scents and caffeine--who can beat that???

Have a great day!

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