Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A New Beginning

Tomorrow is a new beginning for the Abella household.  Mom (me) starts a new job. 

This is not something spur of the moment, it's been needed for a while.  The Lord waited until my heart was right and ready to submit to authority (still have issues with that) and have the right attitude about leaving home to rejoin the workforce after many years. 

I will be working with adults with developmental disabilities and/or mental health issues in group home type settings.  This is a rewarding work, one I've done before and enjoyed.  As I re-enter this job venue, I have more heart for it.  My own biological child most likely will be entering a supported living facility as he becomes an adult.  I want to be for the people that I will be attending the same type of staff I would want for my child. 

So, today is a day of preparation, with making sure I have plenty of modest, conservative clothing on hand for full time (potentially) work, containers for homemade high caffinated coffees, and a little bible to put in my purse.  I've prepared the children for the coming day, that mom will be leaving early in the morning for the first day of a new adventure.  They are excited, seeing mountains of toys in their future. 

Me, I see it as a potential ministry, a chance to retire the washboard, and ability to make sure the family has what is needed as well as being able to put more toward church ministry. 

All that said...I'll always still be a housewife...just sometimes gotta leave the house. :)

If you are a Christian homemaker/housewife who must work outside the home, what do you find most encouraging?

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  1. It has been the opposite for me. I have worked my entire life and wasn't able to stay home with my children and I am now staying home and helping with my grandchildren. If you have to work outside the home because of financial reasons then it is a good opportunity to be able to witness to others. I'm glad you're bringing your Bible to work with you.


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