Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lord Help Me To Be Content

Dear Diary,

Thank You for a beautiful day, for dry land and a house that isn't flooded, on fire, or blown apart as those on the East coast.  I may complain about this old house, but I'd much rather be here in this one than in any fancy upscale home out east.  Thank You for the continuous electricity, heat, ability to cook and have clean water, transportation, and all the things we take for granted each day.

Lord, help me to be content in my shoes.  Help me to not look around and want what others have.  Help me to be content with whatever You see fit for us to have and do.  Whether You want us to have a lot or a little, it shouldn't matter this side of heaven, as we are rich as long as we have You.  I surrender my will to whatever You have in store for us, whether it be for an outside job, staying home, stretching budgets even farther, you name it.  Help me to be content with whatever You choose for us.  Lord You know there's times I become downhearted, weary in the work You've set before me, but thank You for picking me back up and setting me back where I need to be. 

Help me, Lord, to be a blessing to someone today, tomorrow, and each day.  If it be through the written word, through gifts, a shoulder to lean on, whatever You find that You'd have me to do, then so be it.  Point me to whom You want me to go to.  Show me what You should have me to do.

Thank You Lord....

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