Monday, October 29, 2012


We're in a day where good is evil and evil is good.  What we know from the Bible to be good is considered by the world to be the worst thing ever. 

As our world spirals downhill, something to keep in mind--we have to know where we stand on issues.

What are our values and convictions?

What are you will to give up if need be, what are you willing to die for?

Are you willing to give up wearing a dress if need be, or would you die for it?  Would you give up your stance on the gospel, or would you die for it?  Would you give up your belief on modesty, marriage, abortion, baptism, etc, or would you die for them?

This is for you individually to decide.  This is between you and the Lord. 

Me, I will stand on the gospel, take my life if need be.  Dresses I won't die for.  Pieces of fabric, hair, external things, they're to me not worth dying for.  They are not a conviction, but a preference.

The gospel IS a conviction. 

There may come a time, especially with how people are getting more and more brazen in attacking churches, individuals, businesses, etc, that you will have to make the decision of conviction or preference. 

Know where you stand, regardless of where it is.  Know WHY you stand for what you do.

Just another little note from This Housewife's Diary!


  1. I really loved your words! What a very honest real post that touched my heart!

  2. Thank you :)

    This has been something I've been thinking about, after hearing about various pastors being attacked, people being killed while praying, attacks on our very way of life. My pastor and ones I've had before have reminded time after time to know what you believe and why you believe it, know what you stand for and why.

    BTW Ms. Ashley-look on the right side and down a little, you're on the updating feed. :)


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