Friday, September 28, 2012

Housewife or Homemaker--What Is The Difference?

We in the "enlightened" era seem to shy away from being called housewives. 

Why is this?

The Mirriam Webster dictionary defines a housewife as:  A Married woman in charge of a household.

Wikipedia (yes, the bastion of knowledge--insert sarcasm--) has the definition as:  Housewife is a married woman whose main occupation is running or operating the family's home—caring for and educating her children, cooking and storing food, buying goods the family needs in day to day life, cleaning or maintaining parts of the home, making clothes for the family, etc.—and who does not generally maintain employment outside the home.

You may have noticed I named this blog "This Housewife's Diary". 

Why not "Homemaker's Diary"?

Housewife, at least in my eyes, points to a woman, a mom, someone in a dress and apron prepared to take on the duties of home and family. 

Homemaker--not so much.  Any person, whether single or married, male or female, can take on "homemaker". 

When's the last time you saw a man or a single person be a "housewife"?

In the age of political correctness this term has been replaced with homemaker, domestic engineer, and others. 

But I still remain the "housewife" of the non-political correctness.

I am proud to be a housewife! 

If you fit the definition of housewife--would you don your apron and be proud of your status too? 

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