Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When God Gives You Something You Least Expect

For most of my 35 years, I've been carrying around extra padding.

Lots of extra padding.

I really hate thinking that I've carried lots and lots of that yellow stuff around for most of 3 1/2 decades!  Oh, there was a time in my younger years that I was fit and such, when I worked in the maximum security prison system as an officer and had to be in shape in order to do my duties.  But that seems at times a lifetime ago (really, it's only been 13 years).

This year, the Lord has taken over and said "enough!"  Not I, but Him.

Now, I know you're probably thinking I've done lost my last marble.  Not to worry--I lost that marble years ago.  :)

Late this spring, through no effort on my part, the weight started dropping off.  Inches disappeared.  I didn't quit eating.  I didn't go work out.  It started falling off anyway.

The Lord had tightened our budget to where we must eat almost all from scratch or homemade foods, as well as what we've grown.  Oh, we have an occasional treat of ice cream or a soda, but in between, little fat and lots of healthy choices.  I occasionally make a cake or other sweet treat from scratch, and it's still limited in fat and sugars. 

Our limited budget also started me doing more manual work instead of depending on machines to do things for me.  Don't get me wrong, I lament doing away with some of the machines.

So, since the spring, the Lord has blessed me with a significant drop in size.  I started out at a whopping 5/6X (yes, you read right) in skirts, 4X in tops.  Today, I've measured and tallied up a 14 inch drop in bust, 15 inches off the waist, and 18 off the hips.  I am sewing 1X dresses for myself now!  Skirts are a slightly bit larger.

Oh, I'm still a plus sized fluffy housewife.  I still make my own dresses and skirts as well, even though I can find a good fit much easier now.  There's much more to reduce, a long ways to go to an ideal size. 

Why do I not mention pounds lost?  I'm of a muscular build.  Lifting weights comes easily, moving heavy objects is a simple task.  I build muscle very fast with little effort.  In my younger years, I built lots of it, with ability of bench pressing up to 200 pounds and pushing 600 pounds on a leg press.  Muscle weighs much more than fat.  Before the spring, I weighed over 400 pounds.  Just a short time ago, I still maxed out the scale at the YMCA that stops at 350 pounds (as in, it didn't register me).  So, that leaves me somewhere between 350 and 400 pounds AFTER dropping that much size.  At this weight, my ribs are starting to be visible. 

In the past days I've been blessed as well with trips to our YMCA with a lovely friend, who has joyfully agreed to join me in some exercise. 

Sometimes God gives you something you didn't think could happen.  He can do anything He pleases, and I'm very blessed that He has given me something I've wanted for a long while--weight/size loss! 

I Chronicles 16:34:

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.

Do you have something that the Lord has done or given to you that you thought would never happen this side of Heaven?

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