Sunday, August 19, 2012

For Everything There Is A Season

Looking at this picture of my pretty zinnias from the late spring and early summer, I yearn for those days again, when the heat wasn't in triple digits for weeks on end (yet), the rain hadn't taken a vacation and left us high and way too dry. 

The book of Ecclesiastes tells us for everything there is a season, a time to be born, a time to die, a time to sow, a time to reap, and so on.  The picture above, was our season of sowing and life here in our little home.

Time marched on, and the triple digit heat and scorching heat indeces came.  Weeks of relentless heat, with not a drop of rain for weeks as well, took it's toll.

The pretty pots of flowers are all dried up.  Watering daily didn't keep them from withering and dying.  The yards around us turned brown.  Look closely and you'll see the leaves on the trees ever so slightly withering and beginning to curl. 

neighbor's yard across from us, my tomatoes and withering sunflowers in the way

My pride and joy, the mammoth sunflowers, took the heat hard as well.  Sure, the grass is much greener in our front yard, but only from the watering we have given our small garden plot (tomatoes are peeking on the right hand side of the picture).  The mammoth sunflowers are the joy of our yard each year, as they grow up to 12 feet or more, produce beautifully large heads and lots of tasty gray striped seeds.  This season, with the lack of rain, there are no seeds.  Of the 22 sunflowers, not one produced mature seed.  The heads of most are under 6 inches across, very very small in comparison to other years.  For them, this is the season of dying.  Soon, I will be cutting them down. 

Our seasons here in the Midwest, or Kansas anyway, are very much out of the ordinary this year.  Our growing season started almost 2 months early.  Our family's June bearing strawberries finished their rounds by late April to early May.  My family has various pumpkins already coming to maturity.  The rain stopped months earlier than normal.  Farmers are harvesting what's left of corn crops already.  It is cooling down and the feeling of fall is coming upon us.  It's mid August. 

God knows our personal seasons as well.  He knows when we're going through dry spells spiritually, or when we're overflowing.  He knows when our seasons come and go, nothing is a surprise for Him.  The record heat and drought we have experienced so far this year is no surprise to Him. 

When we look around us, seeing what is there, whether it be brown yards and fields, or green from a bit more watering than those around us, we would do well to remember that God already knows.  He knows our needs, our wants, our feelings, our fears and doubts, our joys, our weaknesses. 

Cast them all upon Jesus.  He already knows about them. 

For everything there is a season.  We've experienced the season of death and drought.

Let's go into the season of life!

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