Saturday, August 18, 2012

Encouragement for the Downhearted Homemaker

Have you had days when you felt like you needed a few more arms to do all you needed to do, more shoulders for carrying the load, more time, more..well...everything?

*Raising my hand here too*

As a homemaker, we have a lot to do.  There's no doubting the amount of work we can do in a day's time, most of it going unnoticed until it DOESN'T get done.  There's children to tend to and teach, whether in homeschooling or in the pre-school years, there's dishes to do, meals to cook, rooms to clean, laundry to do, and much more.  Then, when the afternoon or evening comes, more often than not we're ready for the day to slow down, and our spouse returns home, and it's time to tend to his needs as well as to things that must be done during the rest of the evening.  Then there's preparing for the day to come.

Sounds like a lot doesn't it?  The above is only a small part, each homemaker has her duties, her own arrangements.  Some of us must work outside the home as well to support the family, some of us do not.  Some of us work within the home to generate extra income.  Some of us work side by side with our husbands in ministry.  Some take care of even more duties so hubby can work the night shift. 

A lot is placed on us as homemakers. 

We don't have to go through the days alone.  We don't have to feel bogged down in the daily routines and chaos that some areas of our lives bring--you who have had small children at home at any part of your adult life understand. 

We haven't even addressed the day to day lives of homemakers with special needs children!

Regardless of our situations, we don't need to feel downhearted, overwhelmed, stressed beyond all measure. 

Quit grumbling--I hear you out there!  I'm writing this to me too, as I'm like any other homemaker, who can easily become downhearted, overwhelmed, stressed, when the right circumstances arise. 

In fact, just this past weekend, I had to seek some counselling from my pastor's wife, Lucinda, as well as my friend Jennifer, in whom I can confide.  One knew I needed the cry, the other sent me to Scripture and prayed with me.  I needed both.  I was most definitely downhearted, sitting in tears through most of Sunday School and Morning Worship.  Lucinda pointed me to some verses, and reminded me to give Jesus my burdens and take His instead. 

During the Sunday School session, I pictured myself burdened down with an oxen yoke, pulling a full cart, with Jesus next to me in another yoke pulling an empty cart.  Then I asked Him to take my burden and exchange it for His yoke, and pictured an exchange of yokes.  Of course this wasn't outloud, and there was more prayer involved.  Afterward, the feeling of all the burdens was lifted, and I felt so light.  I couldn't change certain areas of my life, but I could decide whether to keep ahold of that burden or cast it to Jesus.  Lucinda reminded me that if Jesus is faithful to save me, He is faithful to take care of my sorrows and pain if I'll give them to him.

If you're a downhearted homemaker, don't carry that burden around.  Picture that yoke on your shoulders, with a heavy cart behind you.  Picture yourself exchanging your burden for Jesus', pray and ask Him to take your sorrows and pain, your stress and anxieties, and let it go.  His yoke is easy, His burden is light.

If you're rushing around like the lady in the picture above, slow down.  Remember how Jesus admonished Martha?  He scolded her for that very thing, rushing around and expecting Mary to leave His feet to join her.  The work will be there.  Ok, feed the kids, change the diapers, but slow down.  Take a moment to pray.  Trust the Lord to take whatever is on your heart that you need to let go of.

He is faithful.

He will answer.

Simply trust Him.

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