Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't Sink!

Swimming--it's something most of us enjoy during the hot summer months.  My son particularly likes splashing people, especially me, during his swim time.

This morning, hubby and I trekked to the local YMCA for an hour of exercise in the swimming pool.  Hubby has some medical issues that deter him from doing a higher impact exercise, so we both thought swimming would be a good way to get some of those aching muscles loosened up again. 

Oh how nice and warm the water felt, so soothing to aching joints!  Soon hubby was walking the width of the pool doing well.  I tried general swimming and completely forgot it had been a year since I'd done that.  It obviously was not a good time to be heading to the 12 foot end of the pool.  I had a minor fit when I couldn't find the bottom and my arms were getting very tired. 

I fought and flapped and started sinking.  It was only a few seconds, but more than enough to grab my attention.

Mind you, I learned to swim amongst the cotton mouths and snapping turtles of the Red River at the border of Oklahoma and Texas.  In my years I've spent more time in muddy river and pond water than I'd care to think about.  Dad taught me young to get out in the water and be prepared to hold my own if he capsized his john boat (with me in it), and he loved hitting waters 30 to 50 feet deep and with a nice current.  I'm by no means an Olympic swimmer, and I'll never get awards for form, but I can handle the function. 

And, for a couple of seconds, I completely forgot the most important rule, besides don't inhale water...don't fight.  I also learned that the saying "fat floats" isn't necessarily true--this fat didn't float for a few seconds.

After a quick grounding on the side of the pool, I was doing laps and enjoying the deep end, and all was well.  That one moment did get me thinking on some things that are pretty important.

In our lives, we are taught how to swim, not necessarily in water, but in different circumstances.  We navigate through school, home life, public life.  Sometimes a rough wave comes along and capsizes us, tries to take us under.  When we fight on our own and try hard to keep afloat, we sink farther and farther down.  The harder we fight the lower we go.  It is in letting go, not fighting anymore, that we stay at the top of the water. 

When we come to Jesus, giving Him our burdens and having Him put them under His blood, accepting His payment for our sins, we can let go.  We are given peace, and we don't have to fight the currents, the waves, the obstacles (snakes, turtles, whatever life throws at you).  We have a life preserver (Jesus) to keep our heads above water so that we may breathe.   

As you go about your day today, don't fight to stay floating.  Do as Peter did, trust Jesus and get out and walk ON the water (yes, Peter did sink after a while when he took his eyes off Jesus, but you notice he DID step out and trust Jesus and walk on top of the water).  Let go, and you'll find that the waves of life won't take you under. 

Let Jesus be your life preserver!


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